Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jane Austin at YJ conference

An old friend of North Bay Yoga (and twin to Sebastopol's No. 1 Ashtanga student/teacher Ann Austin), Jane Austin is teaching two classes at the Yoga Journal conference this weekend: Teaching Yoga to Pregnant Women and a free community class, Yoga and the True Core. Here's the true core write-up:

What is the "true core," and how do you find it? When we slow down, tune in, and listen, we have an opportunity to access this deeper place. We'll dive deep within the well of ourselves to explore our "true core"--a place that can be strong yet fluid, toned yet supple. Flowing with movement and breath, this fun and fluid practice will help connect you to your true core. Expect standing postures, core toning, and hip openers.

Lots of other awesome classes at the conference (full schedule here); of course, some people (ahem) think it's all a bit overpriced.

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