Thursday, November 17, 2011

14 business tips for yoga teachers

Here's a great piece offering 14 business tips for a successful yoga teaching business. Actually they're great tips for managing any small business. Think of this stuff - keeeping spreadsheets, writing weekly business journals, crunching the numbers - as a practice it and of itself. As in yoga, discipline leads to progress. Critical to the practice:
...You have your ideal list of activities, how many on a weekly basis you’ll teach and the revenue that’s possible from each. Tally it up and see if, on a monthly basis, it meets your revenue target. If not, something has to change. Either your magic number has to come down, you need to look for a part-time job to include in the mix, you need to get a partner to increase your revenue opportunities, you need to charge more per service, you need to increase the number of services you offer on a weekly basis or you need to include more services for which your reimbursement per service is higher. I find this is a great exercise for new yoga teachers because it can help you see how many classes and other activities you’d need to teach to break even. This exercise is great to do before you quit your corporate job, if you indeed have one of those.

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  1. I agree, Richard, many of us yoga teachers can benefit by thinking about the value of our time as it relates to our teaching, especially if we are trying to make our yoga a business that can support us. I enjoy the information from Susi Hately at If you sign up for her newsletter, she sends out a periodic email about attracting more students. It has straight forward marketing ideas that I have found helpful.