Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting into Marichasana D

One of the more ridiculous poses in the Primary Series is Marichasana D, where one leg folds into half lotus and the other leg is bent with the foot on the floor. You then twist the torso around the bent knee and bind the hands. Right.

In this video, Kino Macgregor demonstrates some useful techniques for getting close to the pose. Most important is moving the weight all the way onto the half-lotus knee and off of the opposite hip. (Don't clench or grip the lotus knee, just allow it to support the weight.) If you lean back (as is natural) you won't be able to get the tight package you need to get the arm around.

Also: since this pose is basically impossible without a lot of preparation, use an intermediate posture of hugging the knee while twisting the spine. Achieve an opening in the twist before obsessing over binding the arms. Though Kino doesn't mention it, sitting on a folded blanket of course helps with the crazier sitting poses.

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  1. Thank you, Richard, for this wonderful blog. We yogis are mighty thankful for your efforts.

    I definitely agree that Marichyasana D can be a point of frustration for many of us. When all seems to be going swimmingly, along comes D. I think there must be a point when I will quit placing the blame on too many chipatis around my waist or too short of arms.

    I like Kimo's suggestions and I'm looking forward to trying them. I agree that a block under the sitting bones can help. An additional block under the lotus knee has also been suggested to me.