Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Ashtanga 'jump back': Some instructional videos

Loved David Garrigues' Asana Kitchen on jumping back. He points out: the hands are way in front of your hips so there's no issue with hips fitting through; your weight is leaning back; energy galvanizes towards your center, knees get sucked towards you; you're going to create a very decisive move -- all of the sudden you're going to strike!

And here's a promotional clip for a little $4 download with the graceful Maria Villella. The clip shows her four steps to the jump back move although the whole video has lots of training exercises for pulling these moves off. The four steps: 1) pull knees into chest, plant the hands and lift; (2) lift it all the way up into "pendulum pose" (lolasana) -- yeah easy; (3) bend elbow to 90 while keep knees tucked; (4) kick the legs back to chat.

And there's this breakdown from Kino, taking it step by step.

Slowly, slowly ...

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