Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back on Sundays plus wrist relief

Been away the past few Sundays due to holiday travel and what-not, but I plan to be back at Studio Ganesha on the Sebastopol Plaza, Sundays at 11:00 for the foreseeable future (except the end of January for Tim Miller's Primary Teacher Training in Tulum). So hope to see you then. Johnny Smith is away Sunday, 12/9, hanging with Tim in Encinitas, and Ann Austin will be leading Primary Series at Westside Yoga Studio, at 8:00 a.m. Johnny is back the following week. I've been struggling with wrist problems (tendonitis?) for some months now, so check out this helpful articles from Yoga International -- Wrist Relief
The following asanas will help to develop mobility and strength in the shoulders and upper back to minimize nerve compression and stress on the smaller joints. In all of these poses, the upper trapezius muscles (which attach at the base of the skull and run down the neck to attach at the clavicles) should feel like they are releasing down the back, so that there is no congestion near the base of the neck, and the sides of the neck are free to lengthen. This aids in counteracting the imbalances of the typical slumped forward posture many of us assume in front of the computer, in which the shoulders are pulled forward and down, the tops of the trapezius muscles become hard and creep up toward the skull, and the head projects forward.

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